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Director--J. Richard Taylor
14121 T-213,
Findlay, Ohio 45840
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Save the Beach!

READ THIS ONLINE: Fairhope (in the State of Alabama) wants to use BP money to replace sea wall by pier with beach as part of 'living shoreline'...>


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We are now exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We also have Non-profit/Tax Exempt Status from the State of Ohio. We have had our first board meeting on March 9, 2008. The slate of officers is listed on the left of this website.


Beach Aid East

Goal & Objectives: Our main goal is to reach others who remember and miss the 2 mile sand beach we grew up with at East Harbor State Park near Port Clinton Ohio.  The main objective of this drive for public interest is to urge local, state, federal and private agencies to engage in the necessary research and remedial action required for full beach restoration at East Harbor.


Restoration Needed!

Beach Aid - East Harbor evolved in 2003 when I began asking the Ohio Department of Natural resources, Division of Parks and Recreation questions about beach restoration efforts at East Harbor. What I learned was that they had no plans to restore the 9000 foot section of beach that had been destroyed by storm erosion 30 years prior.  Beach Aid - East Harbor has grown from the realization that any restoration "aid" that come to East Harbor will only come from the efforts of concerned citizens.  Welcome to Beach Aid-East Harbor, we hope your memories of a pristine 2 mile sand beach move you to plan an active, vital role in it's restoration.

What can I do?

By clicking on our website you have taken the most important step. This restoration project will be a huge physical challenge, but the first challenge will be to persuade local, State, Federal and possibly private agencies that this is a worthy cause. This will not be one great leap but a process of many small steps. I have taken a few of those small steps with the research I have done over several years. The next step in the process will be to get each of you involved and pool our advocacy abilities and resources. At some point this will need to migrate from a "good idea" to an initiative and then to a campaign. We are open to ideas. Please let us know what your level of interest is, and how you can contribute. 

Contact Decision Makers:

Representative Michael Sheehy
77 High St., 11th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Senator Randy Gardner

Senate Building,
1 Capitol Sq. 2nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Representative Robert Sprague
77High St. 13th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Representative Chris Redfern
77High St. 10th Floor
Columbus, Ohio, 43215

ODNR Director James Zehringer
2045 Morse Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43229

ODNR Parks & Recreation Chief
Gary Obermiller
2045 Morse Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43229

Make this a Grass Roots Effort! 

We need input from YOU and your support in this most important issue.

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Our new T-Shirts are available at the East Harbor State Park Camp Store, or by calling 419-422-1441 and leaving a call back number

MISSION STATEMENT  To advocate agency response to the
continued recreational value lost at East Harbor State Park Beach
and to ensure that corrective measures are made with a
full understanding of the forces that led to the current eroded condition.

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Ohio Enviromental Council

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Together, we have the power to build a grass-roots campaign to save the East Harbor Beach.




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